Costa Rica Update! Days 1-3

By Stephen Drummond

Hey guys!

So far, Costa Rica has been an amazing trip and has already allowed me to become closer to God, my fellow youth, and the adults who also attended the trip. We had a safe flight, and fortunately, no one lost their luggage or had any trouble getting on the plane or into the country.

When we first arrived on Saturday we met another small group from Texas. They are a family group of 5, and although we have only known each other for a couple days as of now, we have a much stronger bond through Christ. We went to eat at a place called Rosti Pollos as soon as we left the airport, which was a cool experience as it was an authentic Costa Rican place we don’t have in America. After that we made our way to the seminary, and I realized pretty quickly that driving in this country is waaay different than in the States. However we made it there safely.

The next day, Sunday, we went to a small church on the side of a mountain. While I don’t understand much Spanish, the passion that they had for Christ was amazing. They worshipped with a tambourine and had kids running around. It was held in a super small building, and they just played music and sung along to it. They also put in the effort to sing two songs in English, which was pretty cool. After the service, we hugged everyone there and went outside the building and ate with them. Although the way they worship is very different from how I typically do, the love that they had for God really shined through each of them and I felt almost at home.

Today, Monday, we started doing construction work on the Children’s Home. We woke up early in the morning, ate, and left for the Methodist Children’s Home. When we got there we met with Will Faircloth. Will is a person who plays a large part in the organization of the Home, so he basically gave us the rundown of what happens there and what we would be doing. He told us how many of the kids there are unlikely to be adopted, and how this Home wants to create a home life where they would be valued as the amazing children that they are. After that, we split into two groups: one would be stuccoing walls and the other would be making and pouring concrete in order to build a wall to protect the children from squatters. A worker named Olman was the person who was helping my team figure out how to make the concrete and how to pour it. While it was pretty exhausting, the thought of what we were doing as well as having my peers and church members around me took my mind off the struggle and made it pretty enjoyable.

Overall, the trip has been super inspiring, and I have no doubt the rest of the trip will be completely life changing. Even only 3 days in, my perspective of just how lucky I am to have a home that loves me has been life altering. In the next few days, we will continue to work on our project at the kids home and also hold a VBS for the kids. Please keep us in your prayers as we go through the week.