Costa Rica Update: Day 4

By Kimberly Vega

Hi everyone!

As Stephen mentioned, we’ve all been having an amazing time here in Costa Rica. Everything here is so different and it’s fascinating to see. The people here are so welcoming and have made us feel at home.

On Tuesday, we went to the worksite for the second time. Grace and I have been applying stucco to the walls this week with one of the construction workers, “Flaco”. Flaco means “skinny” in Spanish, and it’s his nickname. His legal name is “Adonis Moses.” On Tuesday, Grace, Kathy, and I were on a makeshift scaffolding in order to reach the higher parts of the wall. Frances and Vicki helped make the stucco we need for the walls. During our time with Flaco, he has been teaching us Spanish, and we’ve been teaching him English. One of the words Flaco had difficulty saying is “grapes.” The workers love to joke with me and laugh at me for not being the best at throwing the stucco on the walls. They’ve made being at the worksite fun. During one of our breaks at the worksite, some of the youth played soccer with the boys at he home, and Grace played on the trampoline with two girls.

After we left the worksite, we came back to the seminary and had dinner. Mr. Dave’s birthday was on Tuesday, and so one of the people from Texas bought him a cake from a local bakery. After that, although we already had dinner, the other young people and I were very curious about the Mcdonald’s here, which is also called “Auto-Mac”. We walked there with Mr. Dave. Apparently all Mcdonald’s are pretty much the same. We found that the workers were nicer, but the food was identical.

Overall, I have been so thankful that I was able to come on this trip for the second year in a row. I feel so close to God by being here and serving Him and His people. I’m excited to continue to serve this week, and hope to grow even closer to God as the days go on. Please pray for the entire mission team to grow closer in their own walks with God, and that we are able to share God’s love with everyone we meet.