Costa Rica Update: Day 5!

By Alyssa Leanza

Hello guys! On Wednesday, we went to breakfast, which has been cooked by a couple for the week. Then after our breakfast, we had a morning devotion and sang “This is the Day” to start our day off on the right foot. The bus took us to the Methodist Children’s Home of Costa Rica where we continued our projects of either digging holes to place cement for a wall or stuccoing walls in their soon-to-be multipurpose building. The wall will protect the kids from squatters, and the multipurpose building will be used by the kids and for community outreach. During our break today, we brought bubble wands for the kids at the Children’s Home to play with. They were very popular!

After our lunch, prepared by a lady named Monica at the Home, one of the team members from Texas led us in a short stretching exercise. Then, we went to the Methodist church in Llano Grande and led VBS for the children of the church. Our theme was “The Good Samaritan.” We preformed a skit of the story, helped make friendship bracelets, gave out coloring sheets, and helped make origami hearts with the kids. After hearing the laughs and watching the smiles form, we got back on the bus to see the beautiful Costa Rican mountain views as we headed back to the seminary to eat dinner.

Grace Sill led our devotion after dinner, and we got closer during her devotion as we shared our “why” for coming on this trip. After our devotion, some of us walked to the nearby Burger King to experience the Burger King here. The chicken nuggets were pretty good.

I am so blessed to be able to be transformed during this trip and see how God has worked through our whole team so far this week. Thank you to everyone who has been surrounding our team in prayers!