Costa Rica Update: Day 6!

By Colleen Doherty

Hey everyone! In Costa Rica I have learned many things about myself and those around me. I appreciated the new interactions I have experienced and all that they have taught me.

On Thursday we continued to serve at the home. Alyssa and I worked on stuccoing the walls of the multipurpose building. The worker who was helping us, Adonis (AKA “Flaco”), made the job look incredibly simple. To the untrained helper, it turned out to be much harder than expected.

During the trip, a local woman named Monica made lunch for us which was really yummy! After lunch, we continued to work for an hour and then had a VBS with the children at the home. For the VBS, we made friendship bracelets, origami hearts, and coloring sheets. I helped teach the bracelet making, and I think it was very exciting that the kids where able to learn how to make them with very little instruction and a language barrier to separate us. The kids were very sweet and excited for the activities we did with them.

Thursday was our last day serving which was bitter sweet. My body was happy to be relieved of the heavy lifting from hand-pouring cement to manually shoveling holes. At the same time, it was sad to leave with still so much progress left to be made. I am happy to be able to say that I had a hand in creating such a wonderful home for children.

After we returned back to the seminary, we ate dinner and then went to go get ice cream. On the way home from the Methodist home, the other young people and I had seen a sushi restaurant and requested to go there after dinner. Luckily, Dave Crawford agreed to take us even though he didn’t like sushi! We were able to take the daughter of the couple taking care of us at the seminary. She tasted sushi for the first time! It was a great end to our last work day.