Last Costa Rica Update!

By Grace Sill

Hi everybody! Friday was our last full day in Costa Rica, so it was our fun day. We started off by sleeping in an extra 30 minutes! Then, we had a bus ride to our first excursion: zip-lining in the mountains of Colinas de Poas. Some of the adults kept their feet on the ground, but most of the young people went, including me. It was so much fun. Kimberly and I had rode this zip-line last year as well. Our guides were so funny, and one even rode the zip-line upside down! However, we learned that the company was closing, and we were the zip-lines last group ever. The guides were a little sad about this at the end, so prayers for them and their families would be much appreciated.

After that, we had a short ride to our second excursion: the La Paz Waterfall Gardens. There is a zoo in the gardens, and this year the sloths were active. While we were watching them, one was climbing the wall of its enclosure. He actually wasn’t moving very slowly. Several of us also milked a cow for the first time, and that might be the first and last time we milk a cow. To top it all off, the weather wasn’t bad, and the waterfalls were gorgeous. It was a great end to the week’s adventures.

Back at the seminary, we had our last meal and devotion. Frances Wilkinson led the devotion and talked the group through a reflective meditation on our hands and all they have done. It was a perfect devotion to wrap things up and put us all in a mindset to return to Pensacola.

I am so grateful for everyone who has supported us with your financial and prayerful offerings. It would not have been possible for us to accomplish all we did without you all. Lastly, we are spending the entirety of Saturday traveling back, so prayers for safe travels would be much appreciated. We hope to be home soon with tired bodies, but full hearts.