Cokesbury Women United

Circles, Times & Locations

Anna Circle is a group for 40 +, working and retired women who meet on every third Wednesday at 5:15 pm in the Ninth Avenue Library.   Contact Joyce Blackwelder, 478-6762 or [email protected] for more information.

Craft Ladies is a delightful group, always looking for new ideas and welcomes all crafters. Contact Anne Comer, 478-9469.

Tea Talk meets every third Sunday at 3 pm in Asbury Place.  Come to enjoy a relaxing time of fellowship and knowledge as Joyce Blackwelder always have something special planned for great conversation!

Women of Grace are Members-at-Large or past members of circles.  When called upon they come willingly to aid CWU members and projects; always invited to any and all CWU events.

All Circles take a break during June – August.  We are sure there is something for everyone out there.  Come on along!

 2019 Ministry & Mission Team:

  • Kathy Cotton, President – contact # 850-723-3666
  • Vice President
  • Theresa Dolihite, Treasurer
  • Carol Beede, Secretary
  • Barbara Stecz, Historian
  • Myrle Lamb, Spiritual Growth/Devotions
  • Barbara Stecz, Abigail Circle Chair
  • Joyce Blackwelder, Anna Circle & Tea Talk Chair
  • Anne Comer, Craft Ladies Chair
  • Lisa Brozenick, Social Action Chair
safe sanc

Because we believe that Jesus taught us to care for His children and youth, we commit Cokesbury to the practice of safe supervision. Our Safe Sanctuary policy sets standards for the supervision of the children, youth, and vulnerable adults in our care. Thus, in covenant with all United Methodist congregations, we adopt policies for the prevention of neglect and abuse. Therefore, as Christian communities of faith and United Methodist congregations, we pledge to conduct the ministry of the gospel in ways that assure the safety and spiritual growth of all children, youth, and vulnerable adults and those who minister to them.