What to Expect


Don’t be intimidated by Bricks and Mortar.

At Cokesbury we understand attending a church for the first time can sometimes be uncomfortable and a little bit scary. We  don’t want you to be nervous, but instead we want you to come and experience joy, being excited by what God is doing in and through our church. We seek to nurture everyone on their Christian journey, and while we cherish our traditions, we embrace innovative worship, study and service to provide a place for all.  Friendly people are waiting to greet you at the information booth located in the Sanctuary.  We can take you on a tour of the facilities, or just show you around the sanctuary, whatever you are comfortable with on your first, or any, visit.

What should I wear?

Whatever! We dress casual and enjoy the worship experience together. You will feel right at home in jeans! Wear what you want. Honestly, we’re simply not concerned about such things as what you wear.

Can I take Communion?

United Methodists practice open Communion, which means the Communion table is opened to all, even to those who are not professing Christians. As far back as John Wesley, Methodists have believed that Holy Communion is a means of God’s grace, and that God can and does work through the sacrament regardless of the spiritual state of the participant.

What about the offering?

As a guest who is just checking us out, you will never be put on the spot or asked to give money. Our members know that it is their Biblical responsibility to support the work of the church through the faithful giving of their tithes and offerings.

What is the worship gathering like?

While we have various styles , we sing songs that glorify and honor God while lifting up the name of Jesus Christ. We don’t just sing about Jesus, we sing to Jesus. We want our worship to be thoughtful as well as theological.  Ultimately our worship is Cross-centered, which is to say worship that is in view of the powerful work of salvation that Jesus has accomplished on the Cross 2000 years ago.  Worship is always centered on the reading and preaching of God’s Word.

How long are the worship services?

Our services last approximately 60 minutes.  Sometimes a service may go a little longer, but due to having multiple services we strive to keep services at this length of time.

What about childcare?

Free, competent and caring childcare is offered for babies and toddlers during the worship gathering in our Nursery. Stop by the Information Desk in our Atrium (right beside our sanctuary) to be led to the Nursery. Parents are asked to arrive a few minutes early to register their child. Only adults that have passed a background screening are permitted to serve in the children’s ministry.