All Circles take a break during June – August. We have something for everyone and would love to have you join us!

Anna Circle

This mission-oriented group of working and retired women would typically meet every third Wednesday at 5:15 pm at the church to work on projects, but because of COVID-19 and adhering to CDC guidelines, they are staying connected through email during this time and doing all they can to help others in need. They work on various projects throughout the year, such as Camp Happy Sands. They also help in the community as they see the need arise.

Tea Talk

This group of women meets monthly again in an informal setting in Ashbury Place on the third Sunday of each month when they can meet without COVID-19 restrictions.  They enjoy a relaxing time of fellowship and knowledge.  There is usually something special planned for great conversation when they can meet together.

Ministry & Mission Team

  • Kathy Cotton
    President – (850) 723-3666
  • Theresa Dolihite
  • Carol Beede
  • Barbara Stecz
  • Myrle Lamb
    Spiritual Growth/Devotions
  • Joyce Blackwelder
    Anna Circle & Tea Talk Chair

Contact Joyce Blackwelder, (850) 384-3600 or [email protected] for more information.

Women of Grace

Members-at-Large or past members of circles. When called upon, they come willingly to aid CWU members and projects; and are always invited to any CWU events.

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